Empowering Orphans Worldwide with Gulzar e Madinah

At Gulzar e Madinah, our commitment runs deep as we nurture the lives of orphans across the globe. Guided by the visionary leadership of our President, Sir Farukh Baig, we strive to offer more than just basic needs; we aim to give these young souls the love, care, and emotional support they deserve.

Nourishing Futures: Food Support in Pakistan

Across Lahore, Gulzar e Madinah has become a beacon of hope for over 500 orphans spread across numerous orphanages. Our dedicated teams ensure these children receive nutritious meals every day, creating a foundation for healthy growth and emotional well-being. We believe that nurturing the body is just the first step in fostering a brighter, more hopeful future for these children.

Financial Stability for Orphans from Türkiye

Our support extends to Türkiye, Istanbul, where we provide essential financial assistance to more than 500 orphans. This support helps cover crucial needs such as education, healthcare, and secure living conditions, offering these children a chance at a better life. By stabilizing their present, we aim to unlock a world of potential for their future.

Global Outreach: Extending Our Support to Palestine and Syria

Our mission does not stop at borders; it spans continents and cultures. In strife-torn regions like Palestine and Syria, Gulzar e Madinah actively participates in providing comprehensive support to orphans. Our efforts range from direct aid and educational programs to healthcare services and psychological support, all designed to offer relief and hope in challenging environments.

Join Our Cause

We invite you to join us in this noble mission of supporting orphans around the world. Your contributions enable us to sustain and expand our efforts, reaching more children who need our help. Together, with your support, we can continue to make a significant impact, providing orphans with a nurturing environment and the tools for a successful future.

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