Gulzar e Madinah: Nourishing Hope in Syria

In response to the desperate situation in Syria, Gulzar e Madinah has initiated a dedicated food support program aimed at providing essential sustenance to our Syrian brothers and sisters. Through our efforts, we strive to bring not only food but also a sense of hope to those affected by the ongoing crisis.

Daily Meal Distribution from Our Kitchen

At the heart of our program is our on-site kitchen, strategically located to serve the needs of people living in refugee camps. Each day, this facility prepares and distributes freshly cooked, nutritious meals, ensuring that those displaced by conflict receive the necessary nourishment to sustain them through these challenging times.

Eid ul Azha: Sharing in Tradition and Support

During Eid ul Azha, our commitment deepens as we distribute meat to the refugees, upholding the spirit of sharing and community intrinsic to this holy occasion. This act of giving allows us to provide not just physical nourishment but also emotional and spiritual comfort to those who have lost so much.

Providing More Than Just Meals

Our support extends beyond mere food provision. Understanding the myriad needs of Syrian refugees, Gulzar e Madinah also offers other essential forms of support to improve their living conditions and provide a semblance of normalcy in their turbulent lives.

Join Our Mission

The Syrian crisis calls for unwavering support and compassion. We invite you to join Gulzar e Madinah in our mission to nourish and uplift the lives of those affected. Your participation and contributions are vital as we continue to extend our reach and impact. Together, we can make a significant difference.

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